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I will help you to make better decisions and create a life worth living.

With coaching questions and tools from positive psychology and behavioral economics I will guide you to your goal.

Pavla Belostikova, Master of Human Decision Science, certified coach and trainer


Go for it!

Have you had your dream in your head for a long time and have not made it come true? Dream job, promotion, own business, financial freedom, traveling, life partner, …. I know how hard it is and you don’t have to be alone. I will help you plan everything, make the right decisions and take necessary steps. Find courage and believe in yourself. You will learn to use your mind to your advantage and create a life worth living.



Be the best leader!

Being a good leader is not an easy task, but you don’t have to have a natural talent for it. Learn to use your strengths so that you can successfully lead people. Understand how other people think, feel and make decisions How to motivate your subordinates. How to create a team atmosphere that leads to creativity and achieving exceptional results. Use coaching techniques. Communicate effectively. And be an inspiration!



I was Pavla’s coachee and I just loved the way she helped me evolve and make discoveries that allowed me to go places I hadn’t imagine. She is super attentive and manages to apply the techniques in a cohesive and simple way.
Certainly, I have developed myself a lot. Thanks (translated from Portuguese)

Doing the coaching process with you was really a watershed moment in my personal and professional life. Getting my dreams off the drawing board has been incredibly rewarding. Thank you Pavla for helping me to believe in me and make my dreams come true. I am so grateful! (translated from Portuguese)

André Alves dos Anjos, Businesswoman, Memórias da Clô

Pavla and I completed intercultural coaching while I was moving with my husband and family to Germany. She offered me opportunities not only to integrate more easily into the new society and cope with the new environment (although because of Covid and the restrictions she didn’t have many options :)), she also offered the opportunity to look at myself and start all the changes from within. For a while, she also became our marriage counselor and helped us strengthen our relationship in our new home. I definitely recommend it! (translated from Czech)

Lucie Melounková, Phd in biology, maternity leave

Pavla at Leader Decisions helped steer me through a difficult period in my life. Finding myself drifting between projects, with mounting worries about my personal life, family, and finances, overlayed by a foreboding sense of isolation due to the Covid pandemic – the world seemed to be closing in on me. At the same time my self-confidence was drifting away from me. Pavla helped me to identify my concerns, contextualise them, and put them into some kind of order of importance. Pavla introduced me to a series of tools that helped me to see my predicament more clearly so that I could start to bring some rational order back into my life. Through a series of weekly online meetings, with homework tasks between, we worked the issues and I gradually regained my confidence. Just by going through this process my world took on a fresher more positive outlook and I am pleased to say that with the fullness of time I found myself back on track, with a new and exciting job, and an invigorated approach to my home and family life. Thanks Pavla, without your support I wouldn’t be in the place I find myself today.

Coaching with Pavla helped me to activate myself again and return meaning and joy into my daily activities. I received support and push, so important to me at the time. Thanks to Pavla, I added another piece to the mosaic of self-knowledge and with its positive lens I try to look at some of the situations that life brings.

Petra, Pediatric therapist

Resilience Coaching with Pavla has reassured me that what is happening to me is nothing abnormal or unsolvable, that I can handle it myself, and it can bring results other than unpleasant emotions or behavior, it can bring insights into various situations instead. I was given the tools to deal with and work with the facts in relation to my own doubts. I’m even more in line with myself. I am aware of my needs and also my boundaries. I’m working on being aware of my boundaries and shifting them when necessary, however, feeling in tune with myself so that I don’t fight it. It is also important for me to understand how it all works, it then merges into one and Pavla can lead you there. (translated from Czech)

Zdeňka Novotná, CK Novalja

Would you also like to change something in your life, grow, fulfill your dreams, create a life that is worth living, or just learn tricks that will help you make better use of your mind to your advantage? So arrange a free 30-minute session.



Certified coach and Master of Human Decision Science

Founder of Leader Decision, coach and trainer

I had three big dreams, to live by the sea, to find a life partner and to be self-employed. The road was thorny, but I achieved all three goals. In addition to this, I have accomplished many others such as living in different countries, studying a master’s degree abroad in the field of positive psychology and behavioral economics (psychology of decision-making), publishing a scientific study in an international journal, speaking 4 foreign languages ​​fluently and helping people to have a better quality of life. I am a certified international coach and I bring scientific knowledge and my own experience to people and help them transform their lives for the better. There’s only one life and there’s not much time for procrastination.


“Become the leader of your actions, not the follower of your reactions.” 



It’s the thought that counts: Trait self-control is positively associated with well-being and coping via thought control ability – Current Psychology Journal

Pavla, the founder of Leader Decision, has done a research examining whether self-control positively influences life satisfaction through thought control ability ( keeping unwanted thoughts and intrusions at bay) and if it helps to cope with stress in an adaptive manner rather than maladaptive. What she found with her colleagues Karlijn Massar and Xincheng Sui is that indeed higher self-control helps to control our thought and increases our happiness and our ability to cope better with stress.


CE APPI is a unique science-based methodology

You will receive the knowledge you need, understand how our mind works, increase your awareness, define purposeful actions to improve your life or business and practice will help you to create a sustainable change, all of which in the end will lead you to make smarter decisions and consequently have a more fulfilling and happier life.


  • Understand How We Make Decisions

  • Avoid Costly Mistakes

  • Anticipate Decisions Of Others

  • Improve Your Relationships

  • Increase Your Self-Control and Willpower

  • Be More Productive

  • Become More Resilient

  • Stay Calm in the Middle of the Storm

  • Control Your Thoughts and Emotions

  • Achieve Your Goals

  • Increase Your Income And Savings

  • Improve Your Life And Business


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