Smarter decisions, better life and business

When doing business many decisions have to be made every day. How many of your employees and leaders have been trained in decision-making psychology? Offer your company the advantage of applying results of a new research in behavioral economics and positive psychology. Your employees will become aware of common cognitive biases and heuristics that might lead them to make costly mistakes, they will increase their self-control and emotional intelligence, practice emotional balance, become more productive and effective. We are offering trainings specially designed for your needs in the company.

Why Are We The Best?

Smarter decisions → better life and business

Become the leader of your actions, not the follower of your reactions.

We make thousands of decisions every day. Let’s learn how to make better ones.


Executive Coaching

Coaching is a process that helps coachee to define goals and achieve them. Coach facilitates this process offering different perspectives, encouraging to find the best way, helping to self-develop, increase performance, and create winning teams.

Leadership Mentoring

Have you promoted a new employee in a new position of a leader? The difficulty your leader is experiencing may already have been passed by someone else. The mentor is here ready to support the leader in his or her development and help him or her avoid big mistakes that can cost your company a lot!

Intercultural Coaching

Are you sending your employee abroad? Being and leading in another culture might be challenging. The cultural differences can cause discrepancies. Many leaders are sent back and a lot of money is wasted.

Lectures & Webinars

Growth Mindset

Set of 4 lectures or webinars about how to change from fixed mindset to growth mindset. How leaders can create a team with growth mindset, love of learning and creative thinking. Employees with growth mindset are more creative and successful. Your employees will learn to get from fixed to growth mindset with simple and practical techniques.


Discipline is crucial to get things done. An this moment, a lot of people are fighting discipline. They are working from home, being distracted frequently. These 4 webinars will get your employees on track, help them to organize their time and have enough willpower.


We are going through difficult times full of fear and uncertainty. It’s essential to help your employees to stay resilient. You need your employees to stay strong, adaptable, flexible, and creative. These 4 webinars will teach your employees what variables build resilience and they will learn practical tools that they can use to stay calm and focused.

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