Intercultural coaching

Another culture? No problem!

Are you moving abroad? Do you live in a different culture? Do you work with people from other cultures? Do you often encounter cultural differences? Then intercultural coaching is right for you. I will help you cope with other cultures and be able to communicate effectively. Sessions can take place in 5 different languages ​​(Czech, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese), you can choose.

Intercultural coaching will help you:

  • orientate yourself in other cultures
  • use cultural differences to your advantage
  • set clear and achievable goals in another culture
  • perceive others and understand why they behave differently
  • adapt to another culture
  • keep your values ​​that you cherish
  • make better and easier decisions
  • trust and be more confident in a different culture
  • use your mind to your advantage
  • don’t be discouraged by mistakes
  • use cultural differences for personal growth
  • improve your relationships and communication
  • use your strengths
  • be calmer and more balanced, control your emotions
  • don’t get discouraged and take differences with humor
  • train your mind
  • create  life in other cultures that is worth it

How does coaching work?

  1. We will arrange an initial, non-binding online session for free (30 min).
  2. We will meet online. You will tell me what culture you will be in or what culture you will be dealing with and what is the biggest challenge for you. I will explain to you how coaching works, I will introduce some tools that will help you orient yourself in other cultures.
  3. You decide how many sessions you will need and how often we will meet. It is very individual, but I recommend at least 5 sessions to see results.
  4. We will start our regular online sessions (50 min; once a week or once every 14 days) where you will better understand other cultures and the differences, be more resilient and deal effectively with new situations, learn how to communicate respecting the culture and move towards your goals.

I want to schedule a non-binding online intercultural coaching session for free (30 min)

Contact me directly via Whatsapp here. Via email: Or use the following form. I will be very happy to schedule a coaching session with you and I am already looking forward to our first meeting.