We make thousands of decisions every day, some of them consciously and some of them unconsciously. How many of you have ever been trained in decision making psychology? Do you know what biases we are prone to and what heuristics can lead us astray? Why we deplete our self-control and end up making poor choices because our willpower is discharged? Or why we get overwhelmed with our emotions, get stressed or anxious?

What are biases and heuristics you are asking? How to recharge this willpower battery again? How to become more resilient? Making decisions without proper training is like playing darts with closed eyes. You don’t want to play with closed eyes anymore? Then join us! We are your updating software to make your MIND smarter! Leader Decision has been founded to help people and companies make smarter decisions and have better and more prospering lives.

Our mission is to create sustainable positive change in people’s and companies’ lives.


It’s the thought that counts: Trait self-control is positively associated with well-being and coping via thought control ability – Current Psychology Journal

Pavla, the founder of Leader Decision, has done a research examining whether self-control positively influences life satisfaction through thought control ability ( keeping unwanted thoughts and intrusions at bay) and if it helps to cope with stress in an adaptive manner rather than maladaptive. What she found with her colleagues Karlijn Massar and Xincheng Sui is that indeed higher self-control helps to control our thought and increases our happiness and our ability to cope better with stress.



Founder and CEO of Leader Decision. Coach, trainer & speaker.

I have been interested in decision making and happiness since I was a child. I graduated in Economics and got my Master degree in Human Decision Science (behavioral economics with emphasis on psychology of decision making), my final research focused on positive psychology (mainly life satisfaction and self-control). My study about self-control, thought control ability, and life satisfaction has been published in Current Psychology journal. I have found that people who have higher self-control, are able to control their thoughts better (don’t give in rumination or other unproductive thoughts) and therefore they are significantly happier. So, yes happiness is a state of mind and by increasing our self-control we can become more satisfied in our lives. I am an international certified coach. I have always believed that Economics and Psychology should be connected and that these two sciences can help people and companies to thrive.

My job is to keep myself updated and use the new research findings to improve people’s and companies lives. I combine science with coaching and my own experience giving people new perspectives and helping them to grow.

Pavla Belostikova

“Become the leader of your actions. Not the follower of your reactions.”