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Take advantage of the latest scientific research in Psychology of Decision Making, Behavioral Economics and Positive Psychology to improve your life and grow your business

These are just a few main benefits, there are plenty more

  • Understand How We Make Decisions

  • Avoid Costly Mistakes

  • Anticipate Decisions Of Others

  • Improve Your Relationships

  • Increase Your Self-Control and Willpower

  • Be More Productive

  • Become More Resilient

  • Stay Calm in the Middle of the Storm

  • Control Your Thoughts and Emotions

  • Achieve Your Goals

  • Increase Your Income And Savings

  • Improve Your Life And Business


Mindfulness meditation

By |July 23rd, 2020|Categories: Behavioral Economics, Positive Psychology|

Mindfulness is a state of consciousness when we concentrate on awareness of the present moment. We are attentive to our thoughts and emotions without any judgment we acknowledge and accept them. Mindfulness meditation originates in Buddhist vipassanā meditation, which teaches people to be mindful. This meditation might have several forms, however, the basis is the same: be in the present [...]

How to motivate yourself in hard times?

By |May 25th, 2020|Categories: Positive Psychology|

Inspirational thoughts from a man who is going to row across the Atlantic Ocean As a part of our study, I did a pre-interview with Milan about his trip and I will share with you some parts of this interview as an inspiration. You can read about his trip here. When you hear about a journey as this one, it [...]

“In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take” Milan Rows

By |May 13th, 2020|Categories: Positive Psychology|

I am happy that Leader Decision can be part of Milan’s journey. Milan is a Czech guy, currently living in the US, who is going to attempt to be the first-person rowing from New York to St. Mary’s Harbor, Isles of Scilly in UK. There have only been 16 solo rows completed across North Atlantic from West to East, none [...]


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Scientific Research

It’s the thought that counts: Trait self-control is positively associated with well-being and coping via thought control ability – Current Psychology Journal

Pavla, the founder of Leader Decision, has done research to examine whether self-control positively influences life satisfaction through the ability to control thought (keeping unwanted thoughts and intrusions at bay). She has looked at whether self-control can help us to cope with stress in an adaptive, rather than maladaptive, manner. What she found, with her colleagues Karlijn Massar and Xincheng Sui, is that greater self-control does indeed help us to control our thoughts. It also increases our happiness and our ability to better cope with stress. Read full article here…

KU APPS – unique science-based methodology

KNOWLEDGE First of all, you acquire the specific knowledge required for a particular situation. What biases are we prone to? What heuristics can lead us astray when making decisions? What is resilience? What variables build our resilience? …

UNDERSTANDING Knowing is not enough. We need to understand why things happen and how our brain and body works. In this part of the process we will find the answers to ‘why?’ and ‘how?’. Why do we react a certain way? How can we change our reactions? For long lasting change, understanding ‘why?’ and ‘how?’ is crucial.

AWARENESS This is the most important and, also, the most difficult part. It requires time and practice. Have we ever read a book and thought: “Oh, this is great, I will do this in my life. My life will change.” Three weeks later we realize that nothing has changed except, the book is now on the shelf instead of in our hands. Why? Because we did not train our awareness.

PURPOSEFUL ACTIONS Our aim is to become more aware of our thoughts, our emotions, the heuristics and biases we are prone to, the environmental triggers that our body automatically reacts to, and the things that we can and can’t control. Once we are mindful of these things then we will be better able to define purposeful actions that will make our situation better and help us to improve and grow. To move forward, we need to take precise steps. As Lao Tzu, the ancient Chinese philosopher and writer once said: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

PRACTICE To see a sustainable change, it is essential to practice. This is the idea of growth mindset, if we work hard enough, we can achieve whatever we set our heart on. When we want to learn a new sport, tennis for instance, it makes sense to schedule regular practice sessions to help improve our game. When it comes to our mind, thought and emotion control, we are content to believe that some over-night miracle will happen. In reality though, if we want to become more resilient, less stressed, have more willpower, and make smarter decisions then we need to practice!

Smarter decisions Smarter decisions. Life is all about making decisions.  When we put all the parts of the process together, we will be able to create sustainable change and make smarter decisions. What do we mean by ‘smarter decisions’? Decisions that will help us, or our company, to flourish. Decisions that will bring higher well-being, better health, more fulfilling relationships, and greater prosperity, for ourselves, our company, and the world we live in. Read More…

About Us

Do you have an appreciation for decision making psychology, or would you like to improve your understanding of this subject? Each one of us makes thousands of decisions every day, some of them conscious, some unconscious. Are we always aware of what biases we are prone to and how heuristics can lead us astray? Do you want to know why we sometimes deplete our self-control and end up making poor choices because our willpower is discharged? How often do we become overwhelmed by our emotions, becoming stressed or anxious?

If you want to learn more about biases and heuristics, if you want to find out how to recharge your willpower battery, or how to become more resilient, then join us! Making decisions without proper training is like playing darts with closed eyes. If you want to play with your eyes open then we have the ‘software’ to make your MIND smarter! Read More…

Our Team

Pavla Belostikova, MSc, Founder & CEO

Pavla is the founder and CEO of Leader Decision. She works as a Coach, Trainer and Speaker

She has been interested in decision making and happiness since she was a child. She graduated in Economics and gained her Master’s in Human Decision Science (behavioral economics with emphasis on the psychology of decision making), her final research being focused on positive psychology (mainly life satisfaction and self-control). Her study of self-control, thought control ability, and life satisfaction has been published in the Current Psychology journal. She has found that people who have higher self-control are able to control their thoughts better (by not giving in to rumination or other unproductive thoughts) and therefore they are significantly happier. So, yes, happiness is a state of mind and by increasing our self-control we can become more satisfied in our lives. She has always believed that Economics and Psychology should be connected and that these two sciences can help people and companies to thrive.

Her job is to keep up to date, and put into practice, new research findings that improve the lives of people and companies. She combines science with coaching and her own experiences to give people new perspectives and help them to grow.  Read More…

“Become the leader of your actions, not the follower of your reactions.”

Flávio Kretzer – Partner & executive director, Mentor, Trainer and Speaker

Flávio is the partner and executive director of Leader Decision.  He works as a Mentor, Trainer and Speaker. 

He has always been passionate about self-awareness and people development. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering with an MBA in Business Management. He is an executive with more than 25 years’ experience in multinational companies, working in several locations in Brazil and abroad, in the areas of Oil & Gas, Manufacturing of Equipment, and Consumer Goods. He was Director of Operations and Supply Chain at General Electric, at Dover Corporation, and also of Private Equity Riverstone. There he developed several projects for the formation of high-performance teams, talent acquisition, people development and retention, using mentoring, coaching and passionate leadership to interact with others (customers, employees and stakeholders). He has delivered courses in Leadership and Business Management at West Point – United States Military Academy in NY and the Kellogg Business School in Chicago. Flávio also took a Coach course with the Brazilian Coach Society, Leader of the Future and Ego for Soul with Crescimentum, Mentoring with the Mentoring Schools of Sidnei Oliveira and Nelson Bressan, and Mindfulness retreats with the Parceria Humana. Read More…

“Leadership is about developing people.”

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Resilience Coaching with Pavla has reassured me that what is happening to me is nothing abnormal or unsolvable, that I can handle it myself, and it can bring results other than unpleasant emotions or behavior, it can bring insights into various situations instead. I was given the tools to deal with and work with the facts in relation to my own doubts. I’m even more in line with myself. I am aware of my needs and also my boundaries. I’m working on being aware of my boundaries and shifting them when necessary, however, feeling in tune with myself so that I don’t fight it. It is also important for me to understand how it all works, it then merges into one and Pavla can lead you there.

Zdeňka Novotná, CK Novalja

Flavio was an important mentor in my career during my time as a oil and gas FP&A manager in Rio de Janeiro, during our sessions he supported me to identify my improvement areas and advised how to overcome the business challenges in the finance department. Flávio is focused in understanding your internal growth process and how to achieve the next level. With his support I was able to move to an international career in US.

Vinicius Neves de Souza, Dover Fueling Solutions
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