Executive coaching

Be a leader who inspires!

Are you preparing yourself for a managerial position? Have you been promoted and new challenges await you? Do you have your own business? Do you lead a group of people? Then coaching is exactly for you. Every exceptional leader has a coach who helps him to constantly improve. Sessions can take place in 5 different languages ​​(Czech, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese), you can choose.

Executive coaching will help you:

  • lead and motivate people and be an inspiration
  • make the right decisions without costly mistakes
  • believe in yourself and be more confident
  • learn the principles of how the brain works
  • replace old, dysfunctional habits with new ones
  • encourage creativity
  • set priorities, delegate tasks, manage time
  • improve relationships and communication with subordinates
  • manage constant change and uncertainty
  • lead the team remotely
  • use your mind to your advantage
  • don’t be swayed by management pressure
  • increase your self-control and strengthen your willpower
  • use your strengths
  • be calmer and more balanced, to control your emotions
  • increase personal and work satisfaction

How does coaching work?

  1. We will arrange an initial, non-binding online session for free (30 min).
  2. We will meet online. You will tell me about your goals and the challenges you are facing as a leader. I will explain you how coaching works and introduce some tools that will help you lead people more effectively .
  3. You decide how many sessions you need and how often we will meet. It is very individual, but I recommend at least 5 sessions to see results.
  4. We will start our regular online sessions (50 min; once a week or once every 14 days) where you will develop your leadership skills, discover your potential, learn what influences our decision making, how to use your mind to your advantage and move towards your goals.

I want to arrange a non-binding executive coaching session for free (30 min)

Contact me directly via Whatsapp here. Via email: pavla@leaderdecision.com. Or use the following form. I will be very happy to make an appointment with you and I am already looking forward to our first meeting.