Satisfied employees who can make better decisions bring higher profits

Did you know that:

  • 57% of people quit because of their bosses (source: Leadership Project)
  • 79% of people who quit their jobs did so because they didn’t feel appreciated (Tanner Learning Group)
  • dissatisfied employees are more stressed, sick, tend to burn out and quit
  • recruiting and training new employees is expensive
  • bad decisions can cost companies millions, clients and reputation
  • satisfied employees are 13% more productive (source: Oxford University)

What will Leader Decision bring to your company?

  • effective leaders and satisfied employees
  • better decision-making skills and fewer mistakes
  • higher productivity and creativity
  • lower employee turnover, loyalty
  • lower costs for recruiting and training new employees
  • fewer sick days, prevention of burnout syndrome
  • scientifically based knowledge and techniques
  • the best of behavioral economics and positive psychology
  • higher profits and satisfied clients


The development of key talents in the company with the help of coaching has great positive effects on all employees of the company and its clients. During regular 50-minute online sessions, the leader will learn coaching techniques that he or she will use to effectively lead his subordinates., will makes work in a team more efficient, will develop important communication skills and emotional intelligence. He or she will improve his or her decision-making skills. He or she will create a sense of security where employees can come up with creative ideas and will find a balance between personal and work life to prevent burnout.

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Are you sending your key employee abroad? Prepare him for the cultural differences that await him there. Managers who do not take into account the culture of a given country have a high chance of being sent back quickly without applying the planned changes in another country. During regular 50-minute sessions of intercultural coaching, the manager is aware of cultural differences and applies changes within another culture without employees feeling threatened or affected. In today’s multicultural world, it is necessary to respect and be able to communicate properly with people from another culture.

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Interactive webinars

How do webinars work?

Interactive webinars are online seminars (50 min – 1:30h) where:

  • participants will learn new and valuable information
  • they will get practical tools that they can apply, both in their professional and personal lives
  • they will share their experience and grow



Online trainings

How do online trainings work?

Participants will meet online for half a day, a full day, or several days at a time, as agreed. Similar to the webinars, the trainings are interactive, with practical exercises and tools. Participants have space to ask questions and share their own ideas. The goal is to create sustainable positive change.


  • trainings are tailored to company needs
  • mostly requested topics are:
  • communication in the team and team building
  • leadership
  • decision making under uncertainty
  • stress resilience
  • motivation and creativity

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