Discover your potential!

Are you putting off your dreams and wishes for tomorrow? Don’t know how to start? Can’t decide and then regret the decision anyway? Then coaching is just for you. Sessions can take place in 5 different languages ​​(Czech, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese), you just have to choose.

Coaching will help you:

  • find out your life mission
  • set clear and achievable goals that will motivate you
  • take purposeful steps that will lead you to your goal
  • better and easier decision making
  • believe in yourself and be more confident
  • use your mind to your advantage
  • not to be negatively influenced by others
  • stop wasting time on things you can’t change
  • focus on what you can change
  • see problems as challenges
  • learn from mistakes and find new ways to achieve goals
  • improve your relationships and communication skills
  • increase your self-control and strengthen your willpower
  • use your strengths
  • to be calmer and more balanced, to control your emotions
  • train your mind to be happier
  • to be a better leader
  • and create a life worth living

How does the coaching work?

  1. We will arrange an initial, non-binding online session for free (30 min).
  2. We will meet online, tell me about the challenges you face and the dreams you would like to realize. I will explain how coaching works, introduce some tools that will help you and determine the first steps to achieve your goal.
  3. You decide how many sessions you need and how often we meet. It is very individual, but I recommend at least 5 sessions to see results.
  4. We will start our regular online sessions (50 min; once a week or once every 14 days) where you will discover your potential, learn what affects our decision making, how to use your mind to your advantage and move towards your goal.

I want to arrange a non-binding online coaching session for free (30 min)

Contact me directly via Whatsapp here. Via email: Or use the following form. I would be very happy to make an appointment with you and I am already looking forward to our first meeting.