Leadership Mentoring

Have you encountered difficulties in your leadership, are you dealing with situations such as:

• Build trust in the team
• Give Feedback
• Conflict management
• Low team performance
• Relationship
• Set goals
• Ambiguities?

Have you ever stopped to think that the difficulty you are experiencing may  have already been experienced by someone else? That his person has accumulated experience from mistakes and successes? And have you ever thought how good it would be to have the opportunity to talk to this person, to share your difficulties and receive help to development yourself in some specific situations? Yes, and that is exactly the idea of ​​the mentoring process.

What could you say about a professional who led multinational companies with matrix structures, teams of up to 600 people, with solid and constant management training, international experience on all continents, who applied mentoring to those environments and has already helped several people to develop themselves, some of them holding leadership positions in companies in Brazil and the USA?

So, this mentor is here ready to support you in your development and help you avoid big mistakes that can cost you a lot!

Try it, you are very capable, but you don’t have to walk alone!

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