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We make thousands of decisions every day!

Have you studied decision making? Understand how our mind works and learn to use it to your advantage. Make smarter decisions, have more self-control and discipline, become more resilient, learn to manage your emotions and stay calm in the middle of the storm, take care of your mental and physical health and finally create life that is worth living!


Our mission is to create sustainable positive change in people’s and companies’ lives.


It’s the thought that counts: Trait self-control is positively associated with well-being and coping via thought control ability – Current Psychology Journal

Pavla, the founder of Leader Decision, has done a research examining whether self-control positively influences life satisfaction through thought control ability ( keeping unwanted thoughts and intrusions at bay) and if it helps to cope with stress in an adaptive manner rather than maladaptive. What she found with her colleagues Karlijn Massar and Xincheng Sui is that indeed higher self-control helps to control our thought and increases our happiness and our ability to cope better with stress.


Pavla Belostikova, MSc | FOUNDER & CEO

Founder and CEO of Leader Decision. She works as a Coach, Trainer and Speaker

Received a master’s degree in Human Decision Science (psychology of decision making), completed several courses in the area of ​​positive psychology and intercultural psychology (with Dr. Karen Reivich and Dr. Barbara L. Fredrickson among others). Published scientific study in Current Psychology Journal. She has lived in 7 countries with different cultures. She combines science with coaching and her own experience, in order to help people better deal with their thoughts and emotions, make smarter decisions and consequently create lives worth living.

Pavla Belostikova

“Become the leader of your actions, not the follower of your reactions.”


Partner and executive director of Leader Decision.  He works as a Mentor, Trainer and Speaker.

Executive with more than 25 years of experience in multinational companies, working in several locations in Brazil and abroad. Holds a degree in Engineering and an MBA in Business Management. Completed Coach course with Brazilian Coaching Society, Leader of the Future and Ego for Soul with Crescimentum, Mentoring with the Schools of Mentors of Sidnei Oliveira and Nelson Bressan, Leadership and Business Management Courses at West Point _ United States Military Academy in NY. Passionate about self-knowledge and personal development.


“Leadership is about developing people.”



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Life is about decision-making. The decision that we make now will affect our future. Stop making decisions that you will regret. Stop reacting and begin acting. Our mind is a powerful tool that can help us to grow and feel better and happier. Would you like to improve your decision making, find meaning in your life, grow professionally, improve your mental and physical health, have more willpower, feel less stressed, move abroad and have an incredible life? Come to improve and grow with us!



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When doing business many decisions have to be made every day. How many of your employees and leaders have been trained in decision-making psychology? Offer your company the advantage of applying results of a new research in behavioral economics and positive psychology. Your employees will become aware of common cognitive biases and heuristics that might lead them to make costly mistakes, they will increase their self-control and emotional intelligence, practice emotional balance, become more productive and effective. We are offering trainings specially designed for your needs in the company.



CE APPI is a unique science-based methodology

You will receive the knowledge you need, understand how our mind works, increase your awareness, define purposeful actions to improve your life or business and practice will help you to create a sustainable change, all of which in the end will lead you to make smarter decisions and consequently have a more fulfilling and happier life.


  • Understand How We Make Decisions

  • Avoid Costly Mistakes

  • Anticipate Decisions Of Others

  • Improve Your Relationships

  • Increase Your Self-Control and Willpower

  • Be More Productive

  • Become More Resilient

  • Stay Calm in the Middle of the Storm

  • Control Your Thoughts and Emotions

  • Achieve Your Goals

  • Increase Your Income And Savings

  • Improve Your Life And Business


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Resilience Coaching with Pavla has reassured me that what is happening to me is nothing abnormal or unsolvable, that I can handle it myself, and it can bring results other than unpleasant emotions or behavior, it can bring insights into various situations instead. I was given the tools to deal with and work with the facts in relation to my own doubts. I’m even more in line with myself. I am aware of my needs and also my boundaries. I’m working on being aware of my boundaries and shifting them when necessary, however, feeling in tune with myself so that I don’t fight it. It is also important for me to understand how it all works, it then merges into one and Pavla can lead you there.

Zdeňka Novotná, CK Novalja

Flavio was an important mentor in my career during my time as a oil and gas FP&A manager in Rio de Janeiro, during our sessions he supported me to identify my improvement areas and advised how to overcome the business challenges in the finance department. Flávio is focused in understanding your internal growth process and how to achieve the next level. With his support I was able to move to an international career in US.

Vinicius Neves de Souza, Dover Fueling Solutions
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