Leader Decision created a unique science based methodology to help you improve your decisions and therefore make your life and business better and as Martin Seligman (the founder of Positive Psychology) says to help you flourish. No magic formulas, or one person’s experience. We are bringing scientifically approved methods, tools and techniques that you can easily apply to your lives. Our methodology consists of seven steps:


First of all, you will receive the exact knowledge that you need in your particular situation. What are the biases we are prone to? What heuristics can lead us astray when making decision?  What is resilience? What variables build our resilience? What is willpower? Why do I get stressed? What are the processes that happen in my brain and my body? What hormones are released and how to they affect my body?


Knowing is not enough. You need to understand why things happen and how our brain and body work. In this part of the process you will get answers to why and how? Why is it happening? Why do I react this way? And how can I change my reactions? How does our brain work when making decisions? What are the functions of biases and heuristics? Why are these biases sometimes useful? How does our self-control work? Why are there times when we have a lot of willpower and then it’s all gone? How did our brain developed? Why is our amygdala faster than our prefrontal cortex and how this hinders your self-control? How does our brain react when we are in stressful situations? For long lasting change, understanding why and how is crucial.


This is the most important and also the most difficult part. It requires time and practice. Have you ever read a book and thought: “Oh, this is great, I will do this in my life. My life will change” Three weeks later you realized that nothing changed, just the fact that the book is on the shelf instead of your hands. Why? Because you didn’t train your awareness. This is why we put so much emphases on the process of becoming aware. You continue being prone to biases or ego depletion BUT you become aware of them and can make SMARTER DECISIONS.


When you are aware of your thoughts and emotions, heuristics and biases you are prone to, triggers in your environment, your body and your automatic reactions, aware of what you can and can’t control, it’s time to define purposeful actions that will make your situation better, that will help you to improve and grow. To move forward, we need to take accurate steps. As Lao Tzu, an ancient Chinese philosopher and writer said: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”


To see a sustainable change, it’s essential to practice. This is the idea of growth mindset, if you work hard enough you can achieve whatever you set your heart to. When we want to learn a new sport, play tennis for instance, it’s so understandable to schedule regular practice to improve. When it comes to our mind, thought and emotion control, we believe that magic will happen over night. If we want to become more resilient and less stressed, have more willpower or make smarter decisions, we need to approach it the same way as when we want to become good at tennis, skiing or surfing,  we need to practice!


Life is about making decisions. We make decisions constantly, whether consciously or unconsciously, and these decisions determine the quality of our lives, work or business, relationships, health, environment and more. When we put all the parts of the process together, get the right knowledge, understand why, become aware, take purposeful actions and practice, we will be able to create sustainable change and make smarter decisions. What do we mean with smarter decisions? Decisions that will help you or your company to flourish. Decisions that will avoid high costs such as losing money, health, friends, partners, destroying environment, etc. Decisions that will bring you high well-being,  prosperity to the company and the whole society.